Sharing stories of change

Stories connect us. At the heart of every community lies stories of hope, compassion and empathy. We are on a mission to share these positive stories to empower others to be the change they wish to see in the world.

Why is it that every human society across the world has a way of telling stories to each other?

Because stories are a powerful vehicle for creating connections and change.

Be In The Change collates stories from around the world to inspire others into action. Perhaps you’d like to make a difference in your local community but you’re not sure how. Or maybe you lack confidence, contacts or capacity. If you’ve helped make an impact – however big or small – and want to share your journey of success, send us your story. We accept:

  • blog posts
  • vlogs
  • images
  • or other creative media to convey your voyage of transformation.

We connect people who have been part of making a difference with those who are interested in doing so. Through our mentoring network, we link changemakers with those who are wanting to make a change and need some encouragement.

Finally, we are hosting a Global Huddle – a free, online symposium 11-13 August 2020 where successful changemakers will share their story of success with those interested in learning how they too can make a difference. Think of TED talks, just with a much more interactive forum between the speaker and audience. Contact us if you’d like to speak at the event or check out our events page to register!