Global Huddle

A free online festival of inspiring ideas and empowering stories.

Ever wondered how others helped to improve in their local community? Want to learn about the journey of what someone did to create a positive impact for the world? Or find out why they decided to make a change for the better?

The Global Huddle was a free, online festival of ideas and stories that took place in August 2020. Spekears from around the world shared their voyages of discovery, defeat and determination in how they helped make a positive difference to society.

Check the Stories pages to find the videoed talks from the event.

The speakers included:


Kumar Paudel, Kathmandu based conservationist and founding director of Greenhood Nepal

Ever wondered why people poach wildlife and what it takes to deter them from doing so? These questions took Kumar to wildlife prisoners across Nepal where he learnt about their experiences. He shared his conservation journey, started from uniting his undergrad classmates to advocate for rhino conservation, establishing Greenhood Nepal and now supporting a new generation of conservationists in Nepal.

MoreangelsMoreangels Mbiza, Founder and Executive Director of Wildlife Conservation Action

After her PhD at the University of Oxford, Moreangels founded Wildlife Conservation Action in Zimbabwe, which builds capacity of local communities to protect and coexist with wildlife. Her talk  centred around the need to include more indigenous conservationists and local communities in conservation.


Rae Ritchie, freelance writer, editor and speaker 

Rae specialises in all things sustainability and ethical living. She spends a lot of time thinking about how we, individually and collectively, can live and work in ways that better support people and the planet. She’s interested in how our own values can help us to live more sustainable lives – and that was the focus of this talk.

Tanja Burke

Tanja Burke Jensen, NGO founder of FAIR Integration  
Tanja has worked with refugees and asylum seekers across Europe and she has experienced life under occupation. She is a passionate refugee rights defender, dedicating her worklife to develop an app to help refugees navigate society and the bureaucracy of their destination country. As a passionate storyteller, Tanja’s talk focused on her first meeting with a Syrian family – a meeting that became the catalyst of where she is now.  

Roach Nikki

Nikki Roach, conservation scientist & Fullbright Scholar

From coastal marshes to tropical forests, Nikki has worked with birds, frogs, shrimpers, and coffee farmers. Over the course of her experience as a field scientist, Nikki has learned that the most valuable knowledge lies outside the classroom. Her personal talk highlighted the importance of social connection in conservation and personal growth. 



Laura Kehoe, scientist at Nature Conservancy/University of Oxford, founder of, and Dear Green Santa

Laura is an ecologist by training and an activist by nature. She has worked on many projects and started a few of her own. Laura told the story of how she brought a new Christmas character to the streets of Dublin and how it changed the families that met him. 

justineJustine Shanti Alexander, Executive Director of the Snow Leopard Network and Regional Ecologist for the Snow Leopard Trust

Justine holds a PhD in snow leopard population assessments from Beijing Forestry University and a MSc in Conservation Science from Imperial College London. Her talk focused on how snow leopards may represent an ecology of hope for mankind and nature. Snow leopards are found in Central and South Asia mountain areas- an area often called the world’s third pole. 

Elizabeth Gowing
By Jonada Jashari

Elizabeth Gowing, TED speaker, author and co-founder of The Ideas Partnership

In 2016 the President of Kosovo awarded her the Mother Teresa medal for her humanitarian work. In 2017 she was named by British Prime Minister Theresa May a ‘point of light’ for volunteering around the world. This talk shared Elizabeth’s journey from trying to ‘help those in need’ through to ‘helping those in need to help themselves’ and on to ‘helping those in need to help others in need’ via the transformational advocacy initiatives the NGO has enabled.


Eli Enns, CEO of IIsaak Olam Foundation, Canada

Eli Enns is a Nuu’chah’nulth Canadian political scientist and nation builder. Former co-chair of the Indigenous Circle of Experts for the Pathway to Canada Target One, Enns is passionate about knowledge mobilization and capacity development for the protection and promotion of Bio-Cultural Diversity. Eli’s talk was about how to build resilience for indigenous protected areas.

Tanya Rosen

Tatjana Rosen, Lead, Team Bars Turkmenistan and UNEP Vanishing Treasures Technical Adviser for Kyrgyzstan

Tatjana had a successful career as an international lawyer before becoming a conservationist. Since 2011, she mostly lives in Central Asia working on the conservation of wild cats. Her talk focused on one of the most conservation ignored leopard subspecies, the Persian leopard, inhabiting a “landscape of tears”. She described how its very survival and resilience inspires our own.


Iara Lacher, Landscape Ecologist at Smithsonian Institute/ Changing Landscapes Initiative, Co-Owner of Seven Bends Nursery, Content Editor for Be In the Change.

Iara is an ecologist working at the intersection of science and policy. This talk highlighted what she has learned about people, communications, and her role in conservation, while developing a scientific initiative that spans the science-policy gap. 


Rosie Watson, Climate Activist and fell runner, New Story Run

Rosie set off running from the UK in August 2019, on a 2-year 13,000km journey called the New Story Run. She’s travelling entirely on foot, mostly solo, and carrying her stuff – including wild camping kit – for this low budget, self created adventure. Along the way she is telling the stories of people and organisations who are creating a more sustainable way of living in the climate crisis. 


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
― Margaret Mead